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What does it take to put together

an event that excels?

8 billion people on the planet and there are a lot of parties but let’s face it only a very few stand out.

What does it take to put together an event that excels? 

A true experience that enriches the soul.


Many try but too few achieve it. Skip the traditional crowded nightclubs we think, The Event isn’t based on the normal.


We at The Event are on a mission to reinvent The Event experience from the ground (or ocean) up.

In order to remain true to our goals we don’t charge for tickets. You and the best version of yourself are all we ask. You are as much the event as we are. 

We believe it takes more than just alcohol, great music, yachts, sunshine, beautiful scenery & amazing performers. We believe the essential final ingredient that makes an event and the most difficult part to get right is the people who attend. 

What does it take to bring together the perfect crowd you say, well we start with creating the most amazing free (yes I said it) event that you are ever likely to get invited to and then the real work begins. 

Thousands of application reviews, many many phone calls and emails to filter the guestlist down to people who will inspire, who have a passion for life, and enjoy the opportunity to share a moment with like minded individuals.   

We want to ensure that the moment you step into The Event you are submerged into an incomparable one-off experience.           

We at The Event believe that a great party is simply made up of great people ready to share amazing experiences.


That is why we curate our guestlist to ensure those invited have plenty in common and just the right differences to allow them to experience a once in a lifetime event. 

Understanding the art and science of great events is our goal. Think of us as researchers who won’t stop striving to create the impossibly perfect formula for our invite only events.  

In time we expect our locations, performances and most importantly the experience to truly develop into the very best planet earth and possibly with a little help from Elon other planets have to offer. 

I want to be on the Guestlist


1) Application Submission:

Visit The Event's application page and fill out the application form with your details.​

2) Initial Review:

Your application will be reviewed by the organisers.

We advise to have your Instagram profile set to public.

3) Follow-Up Communication:

If shortlisted, you will receive an email for further discussions regarding your potential attendance. You will also be notified by email if you are unsuccessful.

4) Final Selection:

The organisers finalise the guestlist, ensuring a mix of inspiring and passionate attendees.

5) Event Invitation:

If selected, you will receive an official invitation with details about attending The Event.

For more information, visit The Event's About page.

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