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Nothing is 

Truly Free

Where do we make our money we hear you ask and honestly at this point in time we are simply looking to hone our craft without the traditional burden of commercial restraints.

We’ve had approaches from potential venues but we think Yachts and Private Islands will be our focus. If you think other places work, let us know.


By not charging we are free to explore what we want, without overpromising and free to establish what works for us as a collective.


We ask that you help ensure these events remain free by taking a positive attitude towards our aim.


If you’re part of our journey we genuinely appreciate you.      

We are Looking for

Great People

We will look for a mix of people from differing backgrounds who can positively add to an experience.


To try to gauge this we will review your application, review anything you provide, and anything we can research about you on the internet or socials to try to understand who you are and call you to discuss if required.


We simply ask that you help us know in any way that you can, that you are a great guest.


We will also be running a competition for 5 potential August guests to be invited via an online vote.  

If you think you have what it takes to be invited please apply   

What does it take to

Get YourInvite? 

The next event will be held in the summer of 2024

and we will offer 50 places.

At the last count, we had a little over 1,500 people request to be invited so we're having to be selective. 


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